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Established in 2020 in Dubai, the gallery collaborates with leading contemporary artists from around the world who, regardless of medium or country of origin, push boundaries of culture, thought and explore the challenges of today’s society. With an eclectic approach, the gallery exhibits artists whose roots stem from urban art through to classically-trained painting, from those who view through the lens to those who create with the data that surrounds us. With a keen interest in breaking down barriers between physical and digital art forms, the gallery incorporates and exhibits a full range of artists from both the physical and digital visual art worlds. The gallery is also characterised by a strong interest in how visual arts work in conjunction with other forms such as poetry, philosophy and science.

Via a wide-ranging programme of activity, the gallery aims to broaden the audience for contemporary art in the regions in which it operates, and so make discovering, connecting with and collecting contemporary art more transparent and accessible – better serving artists, existing collectors and those new to art.

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