Matt Gondek


“Tearing down our childhood cartoon idols”

Los Angeles-based artist Matt Gondek is known for painting what he calls “deconstructive pop art”. Particularly influenced by Pop Art giants such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and contemporary artists like Jeff Koons and KAWS, Gondek uses familiar popular icons from comic books and cartoons, who are often idolised like modern-day gods, and then deconstructs them, in a punk-spirit act of rebellion and anti-conformity.

Born in 1982, Matt Gondek’s artistic language is rooted in ‘90s popular culture which we find in the images and characters prevalent in his work. By twisting and deconstructing famous cartoon icons like Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson, Gondek somewhat visually and symbolically deprives them of their power and authority in our culture. Instinctively, we are disturbed by seeing such familiar brand characters, which we associate with the fun and sounds of childhood, distorted and demounted. However, Gondek’s crisp lines, sharp colours and the cartoon tone of each work feels so familiar and “right”, the scenes remain playful and disarming.

Matt Gondek started his career as a graphic designer and illustrator before making the leap to contemporary artist. Today, he is a world-famous artist working across murals, NFTs, sculpture and painting and has sold-out exhibitions in his home of Los Angeles as well as New York, Paris, Bangkok, and Hong Kong to his name.

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