The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers, artist duo Mike Snelle and James Golding, were originally anonymous figures posing as fictional brothers Franklyn and Brendan Conner, with an invented life-story that they escaped from a cult in California by running away to Brooklyn as teenagers to become artists. These larger-than-life personas were allegedly so deprived of connection to the modern world that once they arrived to New York City, they would “discover” things about life everyday, which they would then translate into artworks. Their work is thus humorous and is famous for its witty, satirical references to historical and popular culture.
Their oeuvre is a type of performance, which displays contemporary western society almost as a type of anthropological study. Their most popular works include paintings and prints of vintage pin-up beauties and classic Hollywood celebrities depicted in seductive poses. They include dry, witty captions in their works and embody dry humour as a subversive creative tool. The British duo, both born in 1968, have since revealed their true identities in 2014, and have become active voices for the ongoing refugee crisis, working in refugee camps building shelters, and creating billboard campaigns that reveal the struggles of displaced populations. They also use their platform to raise funds towards male depression and suicide awareness. Their artwork and real-life advocacy come together cohesively, using humour and ironic visuals to comment on modern life while also bringing attention to pertinent issues that require solutions.
The Connor Brothers, are thus an example of social artists using their creative practice as a way to improve our contemporary global society. They have exhibited internationally in venues across London, Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Berlin. Their works have also great success on the auction market. Both of the artists currently live and work in London.

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