Jean-Jacques Duclaux (Eko33)

Since 1999, Swiss artist Jean-Jaques Duclaux (better known as Eko33) has been experimenting with digital art. His first works were made with a “portable” Commodore SX-64, paying tribute to the pioneers. His first exhibition was in 2004 at Seoul’s Museum of Art during the International Media Art Biennial. Since then, his work has been exhibited in Museums, International art fairs, and biennales around the world. In June 2022, he was listed by Forbes as one of the “Best of Art Basel 2022”.

After completing his academic training, he taught creative coding within world-class art schools. Since then, he has been prolific in building autonomous artistic systems worldwide. Eko33 has a deep passion for computer generative and the history of this artistic movement since the 1950’s. His practice is focused on nonfigurative, generative art while using creative algorithms and custom electronic hardware.

In his artistic practice, classical approaches play a major role. Coding is usually the end of the process as he allocates more than 80% of his time drawing on paper and only 20% on the implementations. After creating the algorithm and identifying the suitable range of parameters matching his artistic vision, he moves on to the final stage, adding another layer of code to build the texture and final touches of his artworks. He uses multiple computer languages such as Processing, P5.js, Python, VEX, GLSL, 3d rendering engines alongside the custom software he built. He aims to create pure art using algorithms. Emotions conveyed by his work are evoked by an eloquent use of colors and saturation on top of a unique layering approach underlying the subjectivity and biases of the human condition.

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    Artwork by Jean-Jacques Duclaux (Eko33)

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