Swiss artist Jean-Jaques Duclaux (better known as Eko33) has been experimenting with digital art. In his artistic practice, classical approaches play a major role. Emotions conveyed by his work are evoked by an eloquent use of colors and saturation on top of a unique layering approach underlying the subjectivity and biases of the human condition.

LifePath, 2023


  • Description: EKO33's LifePath showcases a stunning use of 3D effects that work between the boundaries of control and randomness. The artwork contemplates over the controlled paths we set in our lives and despite that how it leads to random outcomes.
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Edition Type: Dye Sublimation Thermal-Printing onto Aluminium
  • Edition Size: Unique 1/1 including ERC-721 NFT
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