Andy Warhol, born in 1928, is arguably one of the most influential figures of modern and contemporary art. After developing a rare nervous system disease as a child that left him bedridden for months, he began his first drawing lessons. He also became enamoured by films and also developed a passion for photography at a young age. He grew up to become a successful illustrator, and provided his art to be used for magazines and advertisements. Becoming one of the most successful commercial artists of the 1950s, Warhol decided to explore a more conceptual side to his work, debuting the concept of pop art: art that focused on consumerism, the visuals of commercialism, and popular culture.

Cow (F. & S. 11A), 1971


  • Description: Screenprint in colours on wallpaper published by Factory Editions for Warhol's exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art
  • Dimensions: 74.3 × 116 cm
  • Edition Type: Unlimited
  • Edition Size: Unknown
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