JPW3 [AKA Patrick Walsh III] is an American contemporary artist based in Los Angeles. Often working with re-purposed raw materials or by re-engineering and transforming everyday components into art making mediums, his practice feels rooted in energy; its creation, expenditure of or its transference. Capturing the spontaneity and improvisation of the Abstract Expressionists, lines flow dynamic and his mark making retains the kinetic energy of the stroke.  Amongst the abstraction, conceptual symbols of combustion, heat and speed appear frequently: Both mechanical (engines, tuning forks and wheels), and then the natural; as roots reach to plug-in off the edges of the canvas, hot fluid wax slows and forms solid, or plants fossilise becoming fuel.

Flower Bucket, 2022


  • Description: Oil Pastel on Canvas
  • Dimensions: 128 × 100 cm
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