Addie Wagenknecht is a renowned American conceptual artist who works in the fields of emerging media, open-source culture, pop culture, and hacker culture, exploring the tension between human expression and technology. Using Melvin Kranzberg's first law of technology as a reference, which states: "Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral," Wagenknecht toys with the idea that technology can be all those things. In her work, which combines digital technology with painting, sculpture, photography, and installation, she deals with the concepts of privacy, freedom, surveillance, consumption, and feminism in our digitally dominant society.

Ghost No. 2, 2021


  • Description: Ghost is a series by Aiala Hernando and Addie Wagenknecht, about hope and disappointment. The title is a reference to the slang term "ghosting" which is when a person disappears without explanation after dating, texting, or a short-term relationship, leading to confusion and disappointment about the loss of a temporary fantasy. Semi-opaque tulle and organza rest lightly on top of flowers, perhaps those gifted by a lover, in various states of decay. The images capture the progression of hope and excitement to disappointment, resulting in mourning and the realization that one must start over again.
  • Dimensions: 57.9 × 70 cm
  • Edition Type: Giclée on Mono Silk 250gsm. Framed in black with museum glass
  • Edition Size: 3
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