Sasha Stiles a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, artist and AI researcher widely recognized as a pioneer of generative literature and language art. Her award-winning work fuses elements of poetry, art, code, AI, digital humanities and web3 creativity to probe what it means to be human in a nearly posthuman era.

Plastic On Key, 2023


  • Description: A line of original poetry from the book Technelegy, an exploration of what it means to be human in a nearly posthuman era, written jointly by Stiles and her AI alter ego -- a customized large language model fine-tuned on Stiles’ poetry and reference materials. Rendered in Stiles’ signature media-rich style via a suite of digital tools, words come to life as an multidimensional, multisensorial reading experience; embedded in one of the most iconic artifacts of the rise of personal computing, the text is fully embodied as an ars poetica on the visceral impacts of virtual life.
  • Dimensions: 60 × 40 cm
  • Edition Type: Media-Rich Textblock embedded in vintage Mac
  • Edition Size: Unique 1/1 - ERC-721 NFT
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