Jonas Lund is a Swedish conceptual multimedia artist whose art focuses on network-based culture. Interested in the effects and consequences of the increasing digitalization in today’s world, Lund uses technology to critically reflect on current networked systems and power structures and reveal the unseen processes at play in contemporary society. His artistic practice involves creating elaborate analytical software systems and exploiting accumulated data. Lund’s notable artworks include Fear of Missing Out, Operation Earnest Voice: Brexit Division, Studio Practice, Flip City, Projected Outcomes. 

Smart Cut 02


  • Description: Art as commerce or art as beauty that moves you? How are these two elements related? This series of NFTs reflect, in their patterns, the idea and ongoing analysis of the artist as to what makes a successful artwork. They are composed as clever, digitally analysed, mosaics of parts of other paintings that have sold well. The NFT represents the process which some of Lund's larger digital works go through over the course of an exhibition, where they view the viewer, see what they are looking at and so morph into more popular versions of themselves. So, the works speak to the commerciality of the art market but also represents the constraint of the artist by public opinion, forced to paint what's popular if wanting to be financially successful, not free to create.
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Edition Type: ERC 721 NFT - MP4 Video Loop
  • Edition Size: Unique 1/1
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