Anne Spalter is an acclaimed American digital mixed-media artist whose artworks explore the concept of “modern landscape” through both the subject matter and artistic approach. She is particularly interested in integrating art and technology in the study of form, color, and composition. Her most recent work combines artificial intelligence algorithms with oil paintings and pastels.

Wormhole Lighthouse


  • Description: Like us all, Spalter has worked in isolation for much of the preceding two years, but in these works, she draws on imagery from the collective unconscious that binds us all together as well as, in the case of these works, the communal image databases used by AI. These two repositories of human ideas and emotions serve to inform the pieces in both their initial digital and in some cases eventual traditional media manifestations. The pastel drawings are based on AI text-to-image digital compositions using prompts about points of signaling, connection and communication - from lighthouses (used to signal warning) to portals (used to make connections between places)
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Edition Type: ERC 721 NFT - Still Image File and Paired Unique Physical Pastel On Fine Art Paper (Framed)
  • Edition Size: Unique 1/1
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