Daniel Canogar is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist working across photography, video, sculpture, and installation. Themes of memory and its loss are central to his art. In his most recent data-driven artworks made with sculptural LED screens, Canogar examines the implications of technological changes from material-based media to online platforms. Connected to the Internet, these artworks use live feeds to capture the ceaseless flow of information in today’s world, materializing intangible yet ubiquitous data that affects every aspect of our lives.

Amalgama, 2019


  • Description: Amalgama is a generative video artwork created with iconic artworks ranging from the Renaissance to our contemporary times. The selected artists present in the artwork are the result of searching “top visual artists of all times” on Google. The algorithm liquefies these images into a mercurial blend that partially abstracts the original artworks. Amalgama is an attempt to understand how digital media is transforming our experience of the history of art, perhaps updating Malraux’s musée imaginaire to the electronic age. The swirling effects that have transformed the original artworks evoke the ceaseless flow of information that courses through the Internet, transforming how artworks are consumed, processed and circulated online. Amalgama above all addresses the challenge of making, viewing and circulating art in our liquid modernity.
  • Dimensions: 96 × 168 cm
  • Edition Type: 4K HDR screen, generative custom software, computer
  • Edition Size: Edition of 7, 1 AP
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