Daniel Canogar is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist working across photography, video, sculpture, and installation. Themes of memory and its loss are central to his art. In his most recent data-driven artworks made with sculptural LED screens, Canogar examines the implications of technological changes from material-based media to online platforms. Connected to the Internet, these artworks use live feeds to capture the ceaseless flow of information in today’s world, materializing intangible yet ubiquitous data that affects every aspect of our lives.



  • Description: “Data surrounds us, and yet we can’t really see it in a way that is tangible, physical, and that allows us to wrap our minds around the expanding field of big data. We need to find ways of better understanding how data has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, so as to better harness it and use it in useful ways rather than be used by it. I believe art can help out in this regard. As an artist, I am not interested in data visualization but in using data to make art,” !Floor is a live, generative artwork taking streaming internet data on the floor price of the top 150 (by volume) NFTs and turning them into a living, breathing artwork. The work considers the obsession with floor prices in the NFT market and the fervent desire of many to be completely “plugged in” 24/7 to data, Discord, Crypto-Twitter and the NFT world
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Edition Type: ERC 721 NFT - 4K HDR screen, generative custom software, computer
  • Edition Size: 1/1 Unique
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